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Maison2500 x Odunsi (the Engine) – Dirty Fanta

Maison2500 x Odunsi (the Engine) – Dirty Fanta

The highly anticipated collaboration between Odunsi (the Engine) and Maison2500, isn’t out yet, because the streets need it.

To satiate us it seems, the duo have now unexpectedly linked up on Dirty Fanta, the lead single off Maison’s forthcoming EP, Turnpike which we’re expecting next Friday.

Having leaked last week (sans-Odunsi verse), it’s now been officially released, and provides a detailed glimpse into the rockstar lifestyle.

Money Coming In Way Too Fast, Bands On My Ass Do The Dash”, Maison croons with a hint of intoxication in his voice.

Odunsi blesses the song with a quick rap verse, leaning into a new vocal cadence, perfectly fitting into the pocket of the shimmering trap beat. Enjoy👇👇

Download Maison2500 x Odunsi (the Engine) – Dirty Fanta.mp3

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