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A Better Time is good but not a Quality album!

A Better Time is good but not a Quality album!

Man didn’t need to drop an album this year, A Good time was still doing good numbers and records! IMO, he should have just skipped this year. But he most likely felt pressured by his contemporaries and went all in.

A Better Time is good but not a Quality album!

The album is big, 219M streams in one month is crazy! No Artiste that dropped and Album this year was able to do that.

But is it great? No.

Is this Davido’s best? No.

The production? Sounds rushed

The A&R (on features)was good, but not spectacular. They could have taken more time in selecting the artistes to be featured on the album.

For example you have a huge song with Chris brown already, a song that peaked #3 on Billboard World digital Songs, why does he have to be on the album again? (Nicki minaj was a great choice by the way)

Still on A&R

The album is filled up with common artistes. We’ve listened to these guys many times, we know what they can do on a track already, give us something new! It’s a body of work, not a single, scout!!

And why is Mayorkun on 2 songs?

That’s why I like the fact that Sho Madjozi was on the album, but that’s not enough if you ask me.

Secondly, as far as they’re a lot of Hits/bangers on the album, Something fishy, The best, very special etc (see ehn, when clubs resume, we go dance tiree!!) the album can’t fit into other Nigerian markets. You don’t you expect deep Alte listeners to fw this album.

Soul listeners won’t even play it twice.

But you can’t deny the fact that Davido has mastered the act of making hits. He never misses!

In the whole NGN industry, ONLY Olamide can go H2H with Davido when it comes to hit songs.

But when you’re putting out a body of work, the approach should be better please, not just bangers all through.

Same thing happened with Omo Baba Olowo, Son of Mercy & A Good time.

Lastly, is there any song on the Album that connotes A better Time?

You may choose to ignore, but you can’t deny that what sells an album more are the references that lead back to the concept of the album itself.

ABT has none.

I mean, your son is on the cover art, and not a single song leads back to him or you having a Male child.

Does it mean you’re just using the little boy for PR (so people can go “OMG he’s so cute, lemme listen to the album”)?

You don’t have to do it, but if you’re putting it out for people to see, you should be able to offer something that relays the message you’re passing with the concept of your album.


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